Everything You Need To Know About Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Male Breast Reduction Surgery

Do you feel embarrassed when you remove your shirt because your breasts are slightly enlarged and resemble a woman’s breast? You can develop this breast fullness because of excess fat tissue and hormonal factors. Thankfully, Dr. Sasaki, a cosmetic plastic surgeon Pasadena, offers male breast reduction surgery to remove fat around your breast and contour your chest to define your appearance. Male breast reduction makes you feel more masculine, confident, and better. Read the following discussion to learn why you may need this procedure, how to prepare, and what to expect with male breast reduction surgery.

Why Would You Go For Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Your surgeon can recommend this procedure if you have enlarged male breast tissue, which may have resulted from hormonal changes, certain drugs, and obesity. Excess breast tissue will cause your breasts to sag and your areola to stretch. Therefore, you can go for this surgery to improve your look and self-esteem so you will be more comfortable wearing your clothes. Also, you can choose male breast reduction surgery to lower discomfort and pain resulting from excess breast tissue.

What Will Happen Before Surgery?

Your surgeon will check your medical history and recommend you suitable for this surgery if you have thicker and firmer skin that can adjust to your reshaped breast size. Also, your surgeon will require you to be emotionally stable and healthy to determine you as an optimal candidate. Next, you will undergo a physical exam to examine your breast tissue and screen it for male breast cancer. After your consultation, you will avoid blood thinners, smoking, eating, and drinking before your surgery.

What Happens During Surgery?

You will be under general anesthesia throughout surgery, so you will not be in pain. Your surgery may involve liposuction to remove breast tissue and fat. For excess skin, tissue, and fat, your surgeon may recommend using larger incisions to remove breast tissue. Your surgeon can reposition your areola and nipple during excision. Also, your surgeon may combine liposuction and excision depending on the technique that gives maximum results.

What Can You Expect After Surgery?

After your male reduction surgery, you can go home the same day with instructions on caring for your incisions. You may need bandages around your chest to help lower swelling and aid in recovery. You will also likely receive a prescription for pain medications to relieve pain and reduce the risk of infection. During surgery, your surgeon may place thin tubes under your skin to drain blood and fluid during recovery. Your surgeon can remove these tubes when you do not need them anymore. Your results will take time as your breast tissue heals, and you may not see results for up to six months after surgery.

Male breast reduction surgery can effectively treat enlarged male breast tissue, thus helping you regain confidence and self-esteem. Also, surgery can eliminate pain and discomfort associated with excess breast tissue. During surgery, your surgeon can combine liposuction and excision to ensure you achieve your desired treatment results. Although your results may take three to six months before they can show, they will be permanent. You will likely require more than one treatment session to achieve optimal results. You can talk to your surgeon about this treatment option if you consider a male breast reduction.