Reasons You May Need Braces As an Adult


Unlike permanent teeth, primary or baby teeth are commonly affected by dental problems because their enamel layers are thinner. That is the reason most kids wear braces. But braces are not only for kids; you too can get this Sanford adult orthodontics treatment.  Thanks to advances in dental technology, you can choose different braces. Below are reasons you may need adult braces.

There are different options for braces

Naturally, traditional metal braces are more noticeable, which is why, as an adult, you may want to avoid them. However, if you are not worried by the unattractive nature of traditional metal braces, you can wear them. Even as they help solve your dental issue, know you can make traditional metal braces less noticeable.

For example, you can deflect people’s focus from your metal braces. You can do that by having an attractive hairstyle, haircut, bright outfit, or eye-catching necklace or jewelry. Also, you may need to learn to smile without showing your teeth or be less concerned about the appearance of braces.

Apart from traditional metal braces, you can also choose ceramic braces. These braces are made with a color matching your teeth. As a result, when wearing ceramic braces, they become not easily noticeable.

Prevention of gingivitis

Gingivitis is a prevalent and mild form of periodontal disease. It is associated with red, irritated, and inflamed gums. According to the CDC, nearly 65 million Americans have gum disease.

Wearing braces can help protect your teeth and gums from accumulating tartar and bacteria. Tartar and bacteria are a dangerous combination that causes gums to bleed and recede, misaligned teeth, and loss of teeth. It can also trigger complications such as stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Improve chewing ability

The teeth in your upper and lower jaw may not align properly. That can happen due to congenital disabilities affecting your jaw, trauma, and temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJ). As a result, you may have an underbite or an overbite.

You will need proper alignment of upper and lower jaw teeth to chew particular foods. Tough foods such as nuts or uncooked carrots can be harder to chew. Your digestive system is strained if you swallow food without chewing it thoroughly. Lack of adequate chewing of food can give rise to digestive problems, like bloating or heartburn.

Heartburn, medically called acid reflux, is characterized by digestive juices like hydrochloric acid entering the food pipe. Your dentist can design your braces to make it easier for your teeth to chew hard foods and avoid digestive issues.

Avoid reduction in jawbone mineral density

The pulling away of gum tissue reduces the stability of a tooth. Eventually, you can lose a tooth, making the jawbone in the teeth gap less dense. Naturally, the forces of the teeth, like chewing, make the jawbone stronger and healthier.

Wearing braces protects gums from diseases that can lead to their receding and loss of teeth. Moreover, it helps protect the teeth from frequent grinding and clenching that can promote the loss of teeth and cause headaches.

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