All About Penis Enlargement


Time has gone when all you can do about a small penis was to accept it! Today, advancement in research has introduced us with several options that have enabled us to change the way it is! By this, I simply mean that one can now take measures to improve the size, as well as the circumference of his manhood too!

So, what are these approaches and how can these help us gain? Have a look at these:


Penis enlargement surgery is one of the most effective options that can greatly help you increase the length of your penis permanently. So, what does the option offers and what are its minus points, have a quick look at these:


  • Penis enlargement surgery leads to immediate gains. That is, you do not need to wait for months and months to wait for the desired outcomes. All you need to do is spend money, and let the surgeons do the rest! If studies are to be believed, then the option can help you gain as much as 2 inches in the size of a flaccid penile. As far as the circumference is concerned, the surgery can help you increase the girth by 35%.
  • Gains generated by penis enlargement surgery are lasting.


  • Penis enlargement surgery is not an affordable option for all. It is quite expensive and on average, it costs 10,000. Something that is out of range for an average earning consumer.
  • Penis enlargement surgery is not always an effective option. Success chances are 50-50.
  • In many cases, penis enlargement surgery has ended up in prompting some serious side effects and complications. This clearly means it is a risky option not suitable for all.


Then comes penis stretchers, a much safer option against penis enlargement surgeries. Penis stretchers are commonly used by men of all ages. These apply traction technique which is a natural approach for the enlargement and engorgement of penile. Have a look to the plus and minus points of penis stretchers:


  • Penis stretchers, particularly the ones of known brands, are proven to stimulate gain both in terms of circumference and length. As per a study, some brands can help you add over 3 inches in size.
  • Penis stretchers can also help with better erections, as the traction technique these apply are proven to increase the circulation of blood to your genital regions. This is good for your overall sexual health too.
  • Since penis stretchers work through natural mechanism, thus the chances of size effects are next to nil.


  • In order to get the desired results, you need to wear the penis stretcher every day, for hours. The usage is supposed to be continued for months. Wearing a contraption for longer periods of time may not be comfortable and easy for all.
  • Even though, the option is not as costly as penis enlargement surgery, yet is not even cheap. Particularly if you go for a good brand like Sizegenetics. Though, the results are worth the purchase!
  • At times, wearing a contraption can injure your penis, especially if you wear it while you sleep.


Penis enlargement supplements are so far the safest and cheapest ways to increase your size. Many have proven to work wonders in terms of adding inches and improving sexual health concurrently. Have a look to the pros and cons of penis enlargement supplements:


  • Penis enlargement supplements are intended to add few inches to your length. Apart from this, these can also help in boosting libido and improving the quality of erections.
  • Penis enlargement supplements are easy on pocket and have no adverse effect on health (some quality, branded supplements).


  • Not all penis enlargement supplements are effective. Some also possess side effects. Unless you get yourself a good brand, you can encounter problems like complications and ineffectiveness etc.
  • To get the desired results, you need to wait for long.

So, these were some penis enlargement options you can consider. However, there are even exercises intended for length gains. Though, doing them accurately is very important to avoid complications and attain the expected outcomes.

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  • Improve sperm quality.

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