Does Size Matter? Penis Size Factoids

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The subject has been a topic of argument for years now. Where some says size does not matter, others say it does! It seems as is the question will never get a definite conclusion! Well, mentioned below are some factoids which will actually crush this never-ending topic into oblivion!

1: No, size is not as important as the girth! Yes, you heard it right. There are many studies that have ended up finding girth to be more important that the length of penile. Surprisingly, women believe that the actual pleasure factor is the thickness of the penis that works to create the fiction at the time of sexual intercourse. This fiction is something that creates immense pleasure for them. The average girth of an erect penis is considered to be 4.8 inches.

2: What penis does is more important! Well, having a large size penis not necessarily means that you are kind of the bedroom. And yes, a large size penis is not necessarily needed to make a girl happy in bed. Surprisingly, there are women who found men with larger penises boring! Yeah, that’s true. So, its all about sexual prowess. Men with small sized penis can greatly please a woman by hitting her g-spot repetitively, using thrusting movements etc. Well, this simply mean that how big is the penis is not important, how well it works is what important. Women actually enjoy the company of men who can excite them in bed, eagerly try different sexual positions and in short, make sex more happening each time!

3: Appearance is important! A study conducted in the recent times found out that women prioritize factors like physical appearance of a man more, as compared to the length of his penis. Remember, sex is more of visualization which means it is a mind game! You see, men find women with larger breast more appealing. Likewise, it is generally considered that sex can be more enjoyable with a good looking partner as compared to the one with average looks. So, its about our mind that believes good looks will give more joy in bed. As men find women with bigger breast more appealing, same way, women believe men with large sized penis can be more exciting in bed.

Thus, to play the mind game with your partner and make your appearance more attractive in her eyes, you can take few efforts! Remember, your intension is to make your penis size look bigger! So, for this very purpose, you can consider cutting your belly fat which actually overshadows your penis. A flat stomach will make your penis look more pronounced. Plus, you can also keep your public hair clean all the time. By this, your penis will look more prominent in size. All these actions will actually add to your charm as your girl will consider your size a decent one!

4: Confidence outweighs size! As per a study, women desire for men who are more confident in bed! The study also revealed that this very factor not just outweighs size, but girth as well! So, stop worrying about your size and start seeking ways to boost your sexual confidence!

So, these were the factors which actually play a crucial part in keeping a girl happy, other than the size. However, if you still believe that nothing can help you except a good size then that’s fine! You can actually take efforts to create a difference. Luckily, there are many treatment options that can greatly help you grow your penis length effectively.

One good option is enhancement surgery. However, despite being a very effective option, bearing its cost is not easy for all! Plus, the option can result in rooting some extreme complications for the users to bear lifetime! Going for a penis stretcher is also a good option. Over the years, penis stretchers have actually proved to help many improve the size gains. Then again, purchasing a good, branded penis stretcher is not easy to afford for an average earning consumer. In such a case, choosing male enhancement supplements is a better option. Interestingly, there are many related supplements that have proven to work wonders for men. Thankfully, these work safely and are easy on the pocket!

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