The Most Misleading Myths People Have Embraced

Misleading Myths

The heart is the primary organ in the cardiovascular system. The main reason is it networks varying blood vessels and pumps the blood to the different parts of an individual’s body. Since the heart is always active, it is usually at risk of suffering from various problems. Since these conditions can be fatal, most people employ measures to prevent them. One of the common measures that they use is Rockville EKG. If you are looking towards undergoing this procedure, the following are the myths you should stop believing.

It is Time Consuming

Most people are busy and work hard to secure time for a health checkup. This has been one of the reasons why they avoid having checkups that are time-consuming. Varying from the common norm that most people have been having, EKG testing is one of the fastest treatments a person can imagine. In most instances, the person can even take more time in the check-in process and be prepared to undergo a test than the one the person could use in undergoing the actual test.

It Involves Shocking the Body

Some people have avoided EKG testing after hearing that the process involves shocking the individual’s body. However, contrary to common belief, the process does not emit electricity. The person is, therefore, safe from being hurt by any form of electrical current. The only role that the electrodes play is to measure and record the electrical activity in the individual’s heart.

It is Extremely Painful

Most people fear pain and avoid it as much as possible. After hearing that EKG measures the electrical activity in the individual’s heart using electrodes, they assume that the procedure is extremely painful. This has been the main reason why some people have been avoiding undergoing this test. However, the truth is that the process is entirely painless. The only pain a person can feel is due to irritation from the adhesive bandages used to hold the electrodes.

It Causes Heart Attacks

People go for the testing mainly to reduce the risk of suffering from acute heart conditions by addressing the symptoms early. Most people have been avoiding undergoing the process since they fear it will increase their risk of heart attacks. However, people should know that EKG does not expose a person to any chance of suffering a heart attack.

The Normal Heart Rate Indicates Normal Blood Pressure

Some people believe that whenever they have a normal heart rate is an indication that they have normal blood pressure. Even though the person can have both normal heart rate and blood pressure, it is critical to note that they are not correlated. There are instances where the blood pressure can be high or low, even without the person noticing. The best way to check blood pressure is by checking it regularly.

The heart is one of the most critical parts of the body, which requires extensive attention because of its role. One of the ways to maintain your heart in perfect condition is to go for regular checkups. This process will help you to diagnose the disease early before it worsens. Furthermore, since the treatment process will be easy, it will save you time and money.