Restore Optimal Mobility With Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Several factors can interfere with your mobility, and in most cases, and most of the time, medical experts recommend medications and physical therapy. They may only suggest a surgical intervention in severe cases. If you deal with chronic pain from an injury or medical condition, you may benefit from physical therapy Medford at Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center.

When to consider physical therapy

Physical therapy is a branch of medicine focusing on examining and treating musculoskeletal function problems related to a medical condition or injury. The therapy focuses on restoring your ability to perform daily activities such as climbing the stairs, walking, and running. The board-certified Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center conducts a thorough physical exam before individualizing your treatment plan to improve your quality of life. Your provider may recommend physical therapy if you are recovering from an invasive surgery such as a joint replacement or a severe injury. You may also benefit from this treatment if you have arthritis.

What to expect during physical therapy

During your initial appointment at Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center, the team discusses your symptoms, reviews your medical history, and performs a comprehensive exam. Your provider may also require you to make specific movements to assess your range of motion before determining the solution. They then educate you about what your personalized physical therapy program will involve. Your provider may recommend the following:

Stretching exercises

Chronic conditions like arthritis, surgery, and severe injuries can result in inflammation and stiffness that limits your mobility. Your physical therapist works closely with you to identify specific stretches to improve your range of motion and flexibility.

Movement analysis and muscle restraining

During your physical exam, the team assesses your movements and identifies those that result in pain, enabling them to detect any imbalances. They incorporate muscle restraining in your therapy to allow you to use the correct muscles, decreasing pain.

Ice and heat

Your therapy may also involve applying heat or cold to your muscles to minimize swelling and improve blood circulation.

Core strengthening and stability exercises

Your core consists of your lower back and pelvis, essential for supporting your body weight and preventing injuries.

Manual therapy

Hands-on therapy, also known as manual therapy, loosens soft tissue and mobilizes the joints restricting your movement.

The number of physical therapy sessions varies from one individual to the next, depending on your unique needs. The treatment may result in swelling or mild soreness, which should improve within a few days. However, if you have any doubts or concerns about your therapy, inform your physical therapist so they can make the necessary tweaks to your treatment plan. The Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center team monitors your progress closely and adjusts your treatment when necessary. They may teach you specific exercises you can do on your own between sessions to improve your fitness and help you remain on track.

If a chronic disease or previous injury restricts your mobility, call the Southern Oregon Orthopedics & Paragon Orthopedic Center office or schedule an appointment online for diagnosis and treatment.