5 Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Traditional medicine treats almost all diseases, but some health complications might be stubborn and difficult to treat. Overcoming issues such as allergies and autoimmune health conditions might be challenging, and you can opt for regenerative medicine New York. Regenerative medicine leads to self-healing, allowing the body’s cells to regrow and overcome diseases. Platelet-rich plasma is a regenerative medicine that uses platelets’ healing power to overcome issues such as hair loss and allergies. The treatments lead to fewer risks, minimal recovery time, and reduced surgery chances. Here is why you should opt for regenerative medicine.

Minimal Recovery Time

Regenerative medicine leads to minimal recovery time as it speeds up the healing process. For instance, PRPs are growth and healing agents which improves healing by allowing the body to deal with health conditions effectively. Injecting the PRP into a wound results in effective blood clotting, forming scars, and wound sealing. Although traditional medicine leads to healing, it may not be as effective as regenerative medicine, which improves healing.

There Is No Need for Medicine or General Anesthesia

You may not need medicine and general anesthesia when dealing with regenerative medicine. If you opt for PRP treatments, the doctor injects the pure-form platelets directly into the wounded area to improve healing. Thus, the only discomfort you would feel is the needle piercing the skin as it delivers the growth and healing agents. You can have soreness and swelling on the injection site, which subsides quickly. Although general anesthesia numbs pain, it causes an allergic reaction in some patients. You can avoid allergens when you choose regenerative medicine.

It Has a Few Side Effects

Regenerative medicine has few side effects as the cells are harvested from your body. The platelets are harvested from the blood and separated from the other components of the blood using a centrifuge. The pure-form platelets are growth factors and increase healing. Additionally, the platelets will be delivered to the injured site via a minimally invasive injection that does not cause any side effects.

It Delays or Avoids Surgery

Sometimes regenerative delays or replacement surgery. For instance, if you opt for PRP to deal with hair loss, the lost hair might regrow soon after the treatment. The new growth results from the activation of the hair follicles. Contrarily, the traditional hair transplant would involve surgical procedures which result in an uneven hairline. Additionally, when used to treat arthritis in the joints, it regenerates damaged ligaments and muscles, reducing the chances of surgery.

It Alleviates Chronic Pain

Chronic pain might be disabling and difficult to treat with traditional medicine. However, regenerative medicine deals with chronic pain by treating underlying issues such as arthritis.

Most people are slow to adopt new treatment plans, such as regenerative medicine, but you should try this treatment. Regenerative medicine uses your cells to improve healing and is suitable for almost all patients. You can choose PRP treatments using pure-form platelets to deal with issues such as chronic wounds and hair loss. The platelets lead to healing and do not have side effects as your body is least likely to react to its cells. Additionally, you may not require general anesthesia as the PRP is delivered through a needle, leaving little discomfort on the injection site.