Top Reasons to Seek Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric Surgery

Podiatric surgery is usually considered a last resort treatment considering its invasive nature and cost implications. While the intervention is not so appealing, it could be the best option in certain instances. A New York podiatric surgeon may recommend surgery based on situations like damage extent, impact on mobility, and quality of life. Despite the downtime, potential risks, and complications, podiatric surgery could deliver notable contributions worth the trouble. Among the top reasons to consider podiatric surgery include:

Pain management

You may have tried medication and measures like physical therapy with minimal pain alleviation effect. You may also have tried injection therapy, but the pain is still persistent. This is common in instances like injuries or arthritis and could significantly impact your mobility and ability to manage daily activities. Such foot and ankle pain and discomfort can be addressed through surgery. While invasive and may also cause postoperative pain, once the root cause is treated, you will realize long-lasting pain relief, which translates to improved quality of life.

Preventative measure

Podiatric surgery can help prevent future foot deformities, such as in the case of Duchenne muscular dystrophy. If left to progress, it can result in Duchenne syndrome, a progressive muscle degeneration and weakness characterized by wadding gait, frequent falls, and difficulties walking, running, and getting up. Preventing such progression may only be possible through podiatric surgery intervention, which makes it easier to remain physically active.

Correct deformities

You may have congenital foot deformities like clubfoot. If uncorrected, the deformities can cause difficulties walking. Some can even cause pain and weakness and impact your range of motion over time. Besides congenital deformities, you may develop problems like bone spurs, bunions, or hammertoes. They may not initially cause trouble, but the deformity can progress and lead to significant discomfort. You can correct deformities, improve comfort, and enjoy better foot function with podiatric surgery.

Greater footwear options

Some ankle and foot problems can make it harder to fit in certain shoes. It can be frustrating if your feet constrict you to certain shoe types, especially considering your social engagements. Podiatric surgery can help correct deformities and other foot problems, allowing you to enjoy more footwear options. Besides fashion considerations, such intervention is essential for your overall foot health. Forcing yourself into certain shoes can cause extra pressure, leaving you vulnerable to foot injuries. With more shoe collections to explore, such incidence can be eliminated or mitigated, keeping you on your feet.

Cosmetic benefits

Concerns like noticeable bunions can take a toll on your self-esteem. You are likely to avoid any social engagement that involves taking your shoes off as worries about how others see you get the better of you. Self-consciousness extends to other areas, which can significantly impact your confidence. Podiatric surgery can help address such imperfections, allowing you to show off your feet confidently.

If left unchecked, ankle and foot problems can spiral and significantly impact the quality of your life, especially as your productivity continuously drops. Podiatric surgery offers an effective solution, more so with modern advancements, including minimally invasive techniques. Contact Flex-Foot and Ankle today for more on podiatric surgery and why it could be ideal in your situation.