What a Medical Spa Can Do for You

Medical Spa

Medical spas have grown in popularity in recent years among men and women. Medical spas, often known as med spas or medispas, cross between a typical day spa and a medical clinic. Check out woodland hills ca medspa today if you want a high-quality medspa. 

Medical spas attempt to combine the best of both worlds, combining a pleasant spa experience with procedures and knowledge traditionally available exclusively in a doctor’s office.

Do you want to know if a medical spa is ideal for your treatments? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions concerning medical spas.

How do medical spas differ from regular day spas?

The most significant distinction between a typical day spa and a medical spa is the range of operations available. Medical treatments that cannot be performed in a typical day spa can be conducted at a medical spa.

Medical spas differ from day spas because they must be linked with, administered by, or controlled by a medical practitioner. While not every surgery is performed by a doctor, it is done under the supervision of a doctor, usually a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Medical spas might differ greatly depending on where you go. Some are as plentiful as the day spa you attended on your last vacation, while others are far less so. While most day spas are concerned with relaxation, most medical spas are concerned with outcomes.

What treatments are offered? 

While the menu varies based on the medical spa, you may expect to discover treatments for acne, hair removal, aged skin, and more.

Like a regular day spa, a medical spa offers splendid treatments such as seaweed wraps, salt glows, massages, and facials. However, medical spas also provide more specialized treatments, often only available in dermatology or plastic surgery clinics. Among the more prevalent options are light and laser treatments, injectables like Juvederm, Restalyne, Botox, and chemical peels.

Acne treatments are also available at the medical spa. Medical spas provide treatments to cure acne, remove post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, minimize scarring, and improve the skin’s general look.

Who performs these treatments? 

The treatment itself determines the individual who performs your therapy. All operations under the medical domain are overseen by the physician overseeing the medical spa. Estheticians handle the more common day spa services.

An esthetician, often known as a skincare professional, will perform all non-medical procedures. An esthetician will do all cosmetic operations such as massage, body washes, and wraps. Certain non-invasive procedures, like microdermabrasion, acne treatment facials, and superficial chemical peels, can also be performed by estheticians.