Top 6 Benefits of Specialty Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

When looking for specialty contact lenses, you may be surprised to learn that they have more benefits than just providing vision correction. These lenses can help improve your overall eye health in various ways. There are various specialty contact lenses available that can help improve vision for people of all ages. However, you need to consult a specialty contact lenses San Antonio specialist to determine the best type that would suit your eyes. Here are the top six most popular specialty lens benefits you should know.

1. Improves Dry Eyes

Because of their design, specialty contact lenses are easier to clean and keep clean than conventional single-use lenses. They also have additional oxygen permeability that allows more oxygen into the eye, which means they are less likely to cause an eye infection, dryness, or irritation. 

In addition, silicone hydrogel materials used in specialty contact lenses are hydrophilic, meaning they attract moisture. This feature makes them more comfortable for people with dry eyes and an increased risk of infections.

2. Comfortable To Wear

Specialty contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than regular contacts. They comfortably fit your eye shape even when your eyes are sweaty and dusty. Another factor that makes specialty contact lenses comfortable is that they do not easily come off, unlike regular lenses. 

These lenses consist of a soft skirt that improves comfort and provides cushion. Also, specialty lenses are usually custom-made to fit the shape and size of your eyes, making them comfortable to wear.

3. Improves Eye Health and Prevents Eye Diseases

In addition to the obvious benefits of seeing better and more clearly, specialty contact lenses can also help prevent eye diseases. For example, they can prevent glaucoma and cataracts by blocking harmful rays from entering your eyes. 

These lenses are especially helpful for people with diabetes or other eye conditions affecting their vision, such as marginal degeneration. Specialty lenses can also help improve color blindness, myopia, and farsightedness.

4. High-Quality Lenses

Specialty contact lenses are made of high-quality lenses, making them durable and reusable. Due to their high-quality factor, they last longer and do not need replacement frequently compared to regular contact lenses. They are also more resistant to environmental factors such as dust, cold, and heat. However, despite their high-quality characteristics, specialty contact still requires regular lens maintenance and care.

5. Improves Athletic performance

Special contact lenses correct and improve vision necessary for athletic performance. Since most athletes need sharp and focused eyesight, they must wear glasses or contacts. However, these eyesight enhancers are usually uncomfortable and distracting, especially during athletic activities. 

Fortunately, specialty contact lenses offer an ideal solution by improving athletes’ eyesight at night to avoid wearing vision enhancers during the day. This benefit also applies to professional jobs that demand clear vision, such as driving and aviation.

6. Prevents the Need for Surgery

Specialty contact lenses are an excellent alternative to LASIK eye surgery. Also, if you are not eligible for eye surgery, special lenses such as ortho-K can greatly enhance your eyesight and correct your vision. 

These contact lenses also help the risks associated with any eye surgical procedure. If your eye condition is less severe or you are at a greater risk of developing a potentially debilitating eye disorder, specialty contact lenses might be just what you need. 

Special contact lenses are great for improving the quality of your vision. They help you see better, even in certain situations/ environments. They also have more benefits than traditional lenses when treating certain eye diseases or conditions such as glaucoma or cataracts. 

If your eye condition affects your overall health, consider specialty contact lenses to help alleviate your symptoms and make daily life much more enjoyable. Also, ensure to wear your lenses correctly to avoid discomfort and damage to your cornea.