Kidney Disease Prevention Guidelines

Kidney Disease

When discussing the excretory system, you cannot omit the kidneys. These organs help to remove excess fluid and waste from your body. In addition, your kidneys help eliminate the acids your body cells produce. This way, you will have optimal salts, minerals, and water levels.

Unfortunately, these organs may not function effectively if you have kidney failure. As a result,  toxins that have proved fatal will accumulate in the body. It would help if you gave your kidney the attention they deserve to lower the chances of kidney disease. Here are the healthy strategies that Jonathan Pankow, M.D. shares to prevent kidney conditions.

Stay Active

How often do you exercise? Physical activities are vital not just for your waistline. They can help you lower the likelihood of getting a chronic kidney condition.

You do not have to be a marathoner to reap the exercise benefit. Brisk walking, dancing, and cycling for at least half an hour daily can make a difference in maintaining kidney health. Find the exercise that makes you happy and stick to it.

Manage Your Blood Sugar

Diabetic individuals are at a greater risk of developing kidney complications. Excessive glucose in the blood stream usually makes the kidney work hard to filter blood. Over time, this strain can trigger life-threatening damage.

Fortunately, proper blood sugar management can lower the risk of kidney concerns. Work closely with your primary care provider to control glucose levels in the bloodstream. Further, if your provider detects the damage early, they can help prevent further damage.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Many people who are overweight have reported kidney problems. Extra weight adds excessive strain to the kidney when filtering wastes. Consequently, your kidney will be prone to diseases due to overworking.

Focus on a balanced diet to keep your weight in a healthy range. Be sure to replace the highly refined meals with nutritious meals. If you are already overweight, you should consider shedding the extra pounds.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has many lethal effects on your overall health. Cigarette chemicals constrict the blood vessels supplying blood to different organs such as kidneys. Consequently, your kidneys will have a reduced blood supply exposing them to kidney diseases.

Take the necessary initiatives to kick off the smoking habit. Start by seeking moral guidance from your primary care provider. Smoking cessation will also have other benefits for your health.

Stay Hydrated

When you are dehydrated, your body will respond in different ways. One of the things that you will notice is skin dryness and rashes. However, dehydration can also impact your kidney negatively.

Dehydration usually causes the building of toxins, which impairs kidney health. Therefore, you should drink plenty of water to achieve optimal hydration. Avoid beverages such as alcohol that could lower fluid levels in your body.

Your kidneys do a marvelous job in the excretory system. They help to eliminate waste and excess fluid from your body. You will want to keep these organs healthy after appreciating their critical role. Eat a well-rounded meal to keep your weight in healthy ranges. This way, you minimize the excessive strain on the kidney caused by extra weight. Quitting cigarette smoking will also add up regarding kidney disease prevention.