The Common Venous Stasis Dermatitis Myths That Have Been Misleading Most People

Venous Stasis Dermatitis

The human circulatory system is critical in the human body since it helps circulate oxygen and blood to different body parts. After transferring the blood to the various body parts, the veins take back the blood to the heart and the lungs to be replenished. Since this process is conducted all the time, the veins are at a higher risk of suffering from venous stasis dermatitis Somerville. If you are suffering from this condition, the following are the common myths you should stop believing before commencing the treatment.

It is Always Hereditary

Some people believe that this condition is always hereditary. Even though this condition is genetic, there are other instances where it can develop, even if it has never been in your family. The person can suffer from this disease due to standing or sitting too much, staying outside, and suffering sun damage. Furthermore, it can result from pregnancy, fluctuating hormones, or aging.

It is a woman’s Condition

Most people have been associating this disease with women. Women are at a higher risk of having venous stasis dermatitis than their male counterparts. Even though men are more likely to be affected, men are also affected by these conditions. Since most men believe that women are the only ones affected, they fail to seek treatment after suffering from this condition.

It Is Just a Cosmetic Issue

Most people have been considering venous stasis dermatitis as a cosmetic issue. This is why most women are more likely to visit specialists than their male counterparts. Even though the condition affects the individual’s appearance, it also has other health implications. Sometimes the blood pooling in the veins can cause blood clots, a medical condition. The specialists can remove the damaged veins through a simple office procedure. After this process, the body will reroute the blood to the other nearby veins. The treated vein will then be absorbed naturally into your body.

You Cannot Eliminate the Condition

Some people have avoided the treatment since they believe nothing can be done to correct the condition. Among all the misinformation, this is the most dangerous one since it causes people to give up. In most instances, venous stasis dermatitis results from an underlying health condition. Even though tracing the underlying condition can be stressful, the treatment is likely more successful if the state is traced and attended to early.

It is an Old People’s Condition

Some people say they cannot suffer from the condition since they are not old. Even though age can be a factor, there are also other factors. Venous stasis dermatitis has been common among pregnant women since they develop hormonal changes that can weaken the vein walls. Furthermore, the condition is common among overweight people due to the excess pressure exerted on the veins.

The veins are the most critical part of the body since they help to take back the deoxygenated blood to the heart for it to be replenished. However, as it performs its functions, it will likely suffer other damages. Since these damages are uncomfortable and can worsen with time, people should employ various treatments. Whenever you notice that you have this condition, you should seek treatment before the condition worsens.