Neuropathy Health Issues Treated in Hudson Valley by Neurologists

Neuropathy Health Issues

Neuropathy is a scientific term for any health issues related to nerves. It can occur because of many factors like diabetes, nerve injury, old age and even a side effect of chemotherapy. The damage to peripheral nerves leads to many health problems. 

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Neuropathy, its symptoms

  • Numbness in any part of the body. It is best to consult your general physician when the numbness remains for a while, or it would become a permanent health issue. 
  • You feel a tingling, trickling or kind of burning sensation. 
  • You experience pain while touching any part of the body because of sensitiveness. 
  • You feel muscle weakness constantly. 
  • Paralysis is one of the most indicating signs that you are enduring symptoms of abnormal functioning of nerves. 
  • The dysfunction of body organs.

The causes of neuropathy are many –

  • Type 2 diabetes when left untreated. 
  • Severe kidney disease.
  • Some acute infectious disease when left untreated. 
  • When a person is alcoholic.
  • Hereditary disorders sometimes are linked to abnormal functions of the nervous system.
  • Subjected to physical trauma. 
  • Facing the negative aspects of chemotherapy. 
  • To an extent, health supplements formatted to enhance the functions of the nervous system are recommended to patients who may follow prey to neuropathy issues. 

Some of the supplements suggested are

  • Vitamin B – The deficiency of this vitamin leads to experiencing disorders related to the peripheral nervous system. The supplement should have B1, B6 and B12. The food like seafood, eggs, dairy products, vegetables and cereals. 
  • Alpha-lipoic acid- It is an antioxidant that is useful when you are undergoing cancer treatment or diabetic. It lowers the blood sugar level, improvises nerves functions and gives relief from pain especially experienced in the legs and arms. This nutrient is found in natural form in red meat, liver, broccoli, spinach and in Brussels sprouts. 
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine- It is a form of amino acid and antioxidant as well. It supports creating healthy nerve cells. The natural source of the acid is animal-based food products. 
  • N-acetyl- It is a type of cysteine that reduces inflammation and is found in food rich in protein. 
  • Curcumin- It is a natural compound found in turmeric known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relief qualities. 

However, before consuming neuro-enhancing supplements, make sure to discuss with your neurologist.