Benefits of Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation

A sinus augmentation, also known as a sinus lift, is a dental procedure performed by professionals. It involves lifting the sinuses and adding bone inside the upper jaw of the patient. There are several advantages to having a Glendale sinus bone augmentation, particularly for those who have experienced bone loss. 

This procedure helps them regain the appearance, sensation, and function of their mouth. By understanding the benefits of sinus augmentation, you can make an informed choice about whether it’s the right procedure for you or not.

Here are four main advantages of a sinus augmentation:

  1. Assisting with Implant Placement: A common reason for needing a sinus augmentation is to facilitate the placement of dental implants. For successful implant placement, there should be sufficient existing bone in the jaw to fuse the implant. 

However, bone loss due to missing teeth can complicate this process. A sinus augmentation addresses this issue by providing extra bone mass in areas where bone loss has occurred, making implant placement smoother.

  1. Restoring Mouth Function: Sinus augmentation, which replenishes lost bone in the upper jaw, also plays a role in restoring mouth functionality. Bone loss can make biting, chewing, and even speaking more challenging. A sinus augmentation replaces the lost bone, making it easier to carry out the daily functions that our mouths are responsible for. 

Often, we take for granted how our mouths function, but losing bone in the upper jaw can make everyday tasks difficult. Following a sinus augmentation, activities like eating and talking become much more comfortable.

  1. Enhances Appearance: When gums are unhealthy and teeth are missing, it can result in a smile that’s less appealing. The additional loss of bone in the jaw only further detracts from the overall attractiveness of one’s smile. 

A sinus augmentation is beneficial for individuals who have experienced bone loss in the upper jaw. It aids in restoring the visual appeal of the smile and creates the opportunity to replace missing teeth, ultimately completely revitalizing a person’s smile.

  1. Halts Future Bone Loss: A major concern for those dealing with bone loss caused by missing teeth or periodontal disease is the likelihood of ongoing bone loss until intervention is sought to halt it. Herein lies one of the significant advantages of undergoing a sinus augmentation: the ability to prevent further bone loss. 

Without a sinus augmentation, ongoing bone loss could persist, making this procedure a valuable way to put a stop to the damage’s progression.