4 Benefits You May Get When You Have a Family Dentist

Family Dentist

The CDC estimates that nearly 26% of American adults have untreated cavities. Moreover, close to 46% of adults aged 30 years and above have signs of gum disease. Other oral health problems that affect adults include tooth loss, oral cancer, and various chronic diseases. Research links poor oral health with chronic health issues like heart disease, stroke, TMJ syndrome, diabetes, overweight, and liver disease. Therefore, you should continue observing best practices that can deliver healthy teeth, including having a family dentist. The focus of family dentistry Falls Church, VA, is on addressing your oral health issues and those of your kids throughout different stages of their lives. A family dentist understands that children require more specific dental care than adults.

Most family dentists offer common services like regular dental examinations and cleanings, orthodontic assessment and treatment, and checking and treating cavities and gum disease. If you or your child has tiny holes in your teeth, your dentist will use fillings for their treatment. Your dentist can treat your gum disease by using antibiotics or performing periodontal flap surgery and gum scaling and root planing. Consequently, below are some benefits you may get when you have a family dentist.

1. Minimize dental anxiety

The general dental environment and things like drills and needles may trigger dental fear in children and adults. Because you or your child has dental anxiety or phobia, there may be a delay in seeking oral treatment at the dentist’s office.

You can assist your child in overcoming the fear of visiting a dental clinic and interacting with a dentist by starting dental exams and treatments during the earliest stages of life. A child should start going to the dentist between the ages of four and six.

2. Convenience

A family dentist can handle different oral issues that members of your household may have, and thus, making appointments becomes easier.

Whenever your kids need dental checkups or treatments, you simply contact your trustworthy family dentist and arrange an appointment instead of having to look for a pediatric dentist.

3. Tracking of family dental history

You may be at high risk if your family has a history of dental issues. The same applies to your children.

A family dentist is vital for maintaining an accurate record of your family’s dental history. For example, your family dentist will have information regarding the type of dental surgeries you have benefited from and the oral diseases that have affected you recently or in the past. Therefore, diagnosing and treating dental issues that arise from any member of your household becomes easier and more reliable. Accurate diagnosis of dental problems will help your family dentist to choose the best treatment.

4. Regular care

Since you trust your family dentist, you will find yourself visiting your dental clinic for appointments regularly.

Regular dental care can enable you and your family to benefit from preventative care like teeth cleaning and oral exams, which is vital to keep the teeth healthy.

A family dentist also allows you and your family members to receive emergency dental care due to toothache, broken teeth, mouth infections (abscesses), pain, and bleeding. 

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