When You Should Consider Visiting Your Spine Specialist

Spine Specialist

When we talk about spine problems, many people associate them with back pains. However, your musculoskeletal system supports your entire body and impacts your overall health and wellness once affected. Back injuries and other spine-related defects have a wide range of symptoms which, if not managed early, can impact your life quality. Navigating musculoskeletal issues alone can be daunting, so you need McNulty Spine services to help you overcome them. 

Regardless of the severity of your issues, having a spine specialist in your closet will significantly boost your wellness. Because spine issues worsen with time, it’s therefore essential to frequently visit your spine specialist. But when should I seek help for my spinal problems? If this concerns you, here are crucial signs that indicate it’s time to seek expert medical help.

You experience weakness or numbness in your limbs

Feeling weak, numb, or tingling in your extremities indicates a severe spine problem, especially in the lumbar region. Typically, the nerves that connect your arms, hands, legs, and feet to your brain travel through the spine.

When these nerves are compressed, you experience debilitating symptoms affecting your limbs. Conditions like herniated discs, stenosis, or a bone spur can cause this. The problem may worsen with time, so you must seek immediate treatment from your spine specialist.

Persistent pain in your extremities

A slight injury to the body presents acute pain, which can subside with medications or therapy within a few days. But when your body doesn’t recover, and the pain persists for weeks or even months, this signifies you have an underlying issue. Osteoarthritis in your neck and back region can be the reason behind your pain. Usually, chronic pain that affects your daily life requires advanced diagnostic evaluation and treatments. Don’t hesitate to engage your spine specialist if your pain advances faster.

Difficulty walking

While normal pain in your musculoskeletal system improves with lifestyle changes and medications, mobility issues prove you need urgent medical intervention. When the sciatic nerve is compressed, your arms, hands, and legs will not perform effectively. Conditions like sciatica, herniated discs, and joint arthritis are among the reasons behind a decrease in your range of motion. However, your orthopedic surgeon can evaluate your condition and tailor you with customized treatments for your wellness.

Other treatment options aren’t working

If you’ve been trying to manage your painful conditions with physical therapy and other treatments and haven’t found a permanent resolution, then visiting a spine specialist is best. Any musculoskeletal pain that doesn’t respond to other treatments indicates your case is severe and thus requires advanced expert help to stabilize. Spine specialists will diagnose the root cause of your pain and walk you through the recovery journey.

You notice a misalignment of your spine

Also known as scoliosis, misalignment of the spine affects people of all ages and can develop due to arthritis or other degenerative spine disorders. This condition usually leads to misaligning your shoulders, waist, and hips. However, regardless of its severity, scoliosis can be treated with surgical options and thus preventing it from worsening.

The fact that you’re dealing with spinal problems doesn’t mean you’re an ideal candidate for surgery. Thanks to technological advancements, you can now benefit from various top-notch treatments that will eliminate discomfort and allow you to enjoy the life you love. If you’ve been struggling with musculoskeletal conditions, scheduling an appointment with a spine specialist sooner is in your best interest.