The Common Causes of Shoulder-Elbow Pain

Elbow Pain

Shoulder and elbow pain are not only common but can also affect your quality of life. You may not comprehend the critical role your shoulder and elbow play not unless you experience pain that can affect their functionality. The pain is debilitating and can also shift to chronic pain if unattended on time. Although orthopedists can treat minor shoulder and elbow injuries with medications and therapies, severe conditions may be a call to see the La Jolla, CA, orthopedic shoulder & elbow surgeon. But what can be the leading causes of shoulder & elbow pain? Here, we highlight the top six causes of shoulder & pain. Let’s get started.

1. Dislocation

A dislocated shoulder or elbow is typically brought about by blunt-force trauma that leads to the separation of the bone structures from the socket. A bad fall, accident, injury, or playing contact sports can result in a dislocation for both your shoulder & elbow. For instance, a dislocated elbow causes immense pain and is often accompanied by noticeable deformities in your elbow joint.

2. Bursitis

The bursae in both your shoulder & elbow can cause inflammation. These tiny, fluid-filled cushion sacs constantly help the functionality of your joints in your entire body. When they become inflamed, you can suffer from severe painful symptoms that the help of a professional can only alleviate. While it can be challenging to identify early signs of bursitis, getting a check-up is advisable if you realize abnormal discomfort in your shoulder or elbow.

3. Overuse injuries

Monotonously using your elbow or shoulder joints can irritate the area with time. Overuse can cause strains bringing about tendonitis, a painful joint condition accompanied by inflammation of the joint tendons. Overuse doesn’t necessarily erupt because of sporting activities; your typical daily chores can cause joint sprains.

4. Rotator cuff tendonitis

When the tendons in your shoulder or elbow become inflamed or irritated, there forms a condition known as tendonitis. This mainly occurs when you stress your joints with overload weights or abnormal stretches during sports. Although it can be stabilized with rest or therapy, tendonitis may become severe to cause chronic pain, and surgery can aid your condition.

5. Autoimmune disorders

Joint problems are a hallmark sign of certain autoimmune disorders that affect the specific functionality of your joints. Such conditions include lupus, osteoarthritis, and Sjogren syndrome. These conditions can cause inflammation, which brings about stiffness, swelling, and limited mobility. Moreover, these immune disorders attack the connective tissues responsible for protecting the joints, tendons, and ligaments in your shoulders or elbow.

6. Nerve problems

Your arm comprises three significant nerves – the ulnar, median, and radial. When you compress the nerve, you are more likely to suffer numbness, tingling, or severe pain in your shoulder or elbow. This can be typical, especially when you are fond of leaning on your hand while driving or at your office desk. A previous history of fractures and dislocation puts you at more risk of contracting nerve issues. Unfortunately, if left untreated, nerve damage can cause a lifetime problem, so you must see an orthopedist for a check-up.

You cannot overlook the importance your shoulders and elbows play in ensuring you boost your productivity. Although they are at risk for various health concerns, this doesn’t mean the condition is inevitable. By following preventive measures and seeing an orthopedist often, you can safeguard the health of your shoulders and elbows in the long run.