How Your Internist Can Help You Prevent Illnesses


Ozone therapy Salt Lake City is just one of the many tools that an internist can use to help you prevent illnesses. Internists are specially trained physicians who focus on preventing, diagnosing, and treating adult illnesses. They are often referred to as “doctors’ doctors” because they are frequently called upon to help diagnose complex medical conditions in other physicians’ patients.

Preventive Care

One of the primary roles of an internist is to provide preventive care to patients. This includes regular check-ups, screenings, and vaccinations. By identifying potential health problems early on, internists can help you take steps to prevent more serious illnesses from developing.

Maintaining Good Health

Internists also focus on helping patients maintain good health. This includes providing guidance on healthy lifestyle choices, such as exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction. They can also help you manage chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, to prevent complications from arising.

Managing Chronic Conditions

If you have a chronic health condition, such as asthma or arthritis, an internist can help you manage your symptoms and prevent complications. They may prescribe medications or recommend lifestyle changes to help you stay as healthy as possible.

Treating Acute Illnesses

In addition to preventive care and chronic disease management, internists are also trained to treat acute illnesses, such as the flu or a urinary tract infection. They can diagnose your illness and provide appropriate treatment to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Coordinating Care

Another important role of an internist is to coordinate care between specialists. If you have a complex medical condition that requires input from multiple specialists, an internist can help ensure that all of your providers are on the same page and working together to provide you with the best possible care.


Whether you’re looking to prevent illness or manage a chronic condition, an internist can help. They are specially trained to provide comprehensive care to adults and can help you stay as healthy as possible. If you’re looking for a healthcare provider who can help you prevent illness, manage chronic conditions, and coordinate your care, consider seeing an internist.