Get Bigger With Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Like females leave no stone un turn to enhance their sex appeal, men too are no different! They seek every possible mean that can help them add inches in their penis size. Indeed, the longer it is, the more their partners are likely to enjoy their sexual intimacy in bed!

However, not every particular man prefer surgery, which is indeed, an effective option however is too risky. Besides, options like these are also not easy for an average consumer’s pocket.

There comes a number of products that intend to enhance your sex drive and performance, whereas you may comes across some very effective penis enlargement tools that can help you increase the size and girth of your penis.

However, if you are not interested to try any of these, and are willing to try some natural means to increase your penis size, then penis enlargement exercises can help you with this very purpose.

Penis enlargement exercises have actually benefited many who have practiced these to improve their penile size.

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It is a technique that aids in improving the penile size, in a very natural manner. Jelq is considered as the backbone of all penile enlargement exercises and is proven effective for almost all those who have tried it. Jelqing is commonly known as milking, and with this natural technique, a man can easily increase the size of his penis by inches.

So, how does jelqing works? Basically, it expands the tissues of penis, so that the circulation of blood to the penis is increased. By this, the chances of improvement in the size of penis increases.

Here are the easy steps of jelqing:

  • Before you start with this physical exercise, you will be needed a good baby oil. It will work as a lubricant and exercising on a dry penis can cause you discomfort and pain. Avoid using lotion or creams, just pick baby oil and apply it on your penis before you get started.
  • After the completion of first step, its time for some action now. Using the forefinger and thumb of your right hand, make the shape of ‘OK’.
  • Now, cover the sign around the penile base, for this tends to be your starting position.
  • Gradually, move the sign down the length of your penis. Release the fingers once they reach the glans. A particular stroke will take some seconds to complete.
  • After you complete a stroke using your right hand, repeat the procedure with the same sign, using your left hand.
  • In the first week of jelqing, it is recommended to complete 100 strokes at a time. However, you can add 50 more to the number after the first week and so.


As said, penis enlargement exercises are highly effective and safe as compared to the surgery options. When it comes to male enhancement surgeries, not just these are expensive, but are also very risky.

Such an option is like going under the knife happily for these often end up causing complications for the users to face. Infection and impotence are few to mention.

On the other hand, many male enhancement products that come with promising and guaranteed results often end up making users discouraged. Most of these prove a total waste of money as they lead to complications and side effects that actually add more to the user’s problems.

However the case is completely different with penis enlargement exercises. As not just these are effective, but the gains rooted by the exercises are also lasting.


With penis enlargement exercises, you can simply add inches to the size of your penis. Not just this, these are also beneficial in helping users to improve the circumference of their penile, all these in a very natural way.

Moreover, these exercises can also help you improve the quality of your erections. That is, an improvement in the supply of blood to your penis will not just help you increase the size and circumference of your penis, but will also help you erect stronger and longer.


So, the ones who have given up trying different penis enlargement products but have received unsatisfactory results, or the ones not interested to throw money experimenting any penis enlargement product must try these exercises. These are perhaps the only natural way to add inches in your penis size.

The ones with a penis size of 4 inches or less, can add 1-2 inches in the first few weeks of regular exercising. However the ones with a penis size of 5 inches can add an inch in their size, in the very first month. So, there is no harm in trying, something that is free of cost and is totally worth the effort!