5 Critical Facts You Ought To Know Before Getting Veneers


Having an attractive smile makes you feel good. Your smile is an essential aspect of a good impression. However, your smile is at risk of numerous conditions that can make you lose your natural and good-looking appearance. You can lose your confidence from chipped, stained, uneven, spaced, and broken teeth since these conditions are unfriendly. However, your situation isn’t permanent, as the el Paso veneers procedures come in handy to address all the above concerns.

Most importantly, you should stay knowledgeable about veneers before opting for them. For this reason, here are five critical veneers facts to know beforehand.

1. Dental veneers are long-lasting

While some people think veneers are reversible, the entire procedure entails tactics that ensure you live with them for years. While conducting the process, your dentist removes your tooth’s outer enamel before placing the veneers. This means that you are to have them intact all the time. However, with advancements in dental techniques, veneers can last for decades if maintained properly.

2. The veneers process requires more than one dental visit

Unlike dental procedures requiring a single dental visit, the rule is different regarding veneers. The entire process is often spread out as the first session calls for consultation and check-up, where your dentist will analyze what is affecting your smile. Next, the thin layer of your teeth’s enamel will be shaved to prepare it for a temporary veneer that will hold on until the one that fits your teeth is made. The last session involves placing a permanent veneer on the teeth once sculpted.

3. Veneers aren’t suitable for everyone

Indeed, veneers are generally meant to address dental concerns for most patients. However, you might not be a candidate for veneers, especially when your teeth are severely decayed or damaged or when you have gum diseases. Furthermore, veneers aren’t for you if you look forward to correcting crooked or misaligned teeth. Nevertheless, your dentist is responsible for determining whether veneers are your right choice or if you should have another dental procedure.

4. With veneers, every smile is unique

It’s tempting to think that the pictures you’ve seen online are the exact results you will receive after your veneer procedure. However, veneers are perfectly made to fit into your natural teeth in their look and shape. Since everyone’s smile is unique, it’s challenging to have veneers that don’t resemble your teeth’ nature. While you are guaranteed an improved look after your procedures, it won’t look similar to someone else’s.

5. Veneers are an investment

Before you commit to this dental procedure, be sure to stay conversant with the pricing. Although veneers aren’t costly as other dental procedures, the results may vary according to individuals’ concerns. If you need more than one tooth to be addressed, or the surrounding teeth are also affected, you might have to pay more than the one paying for a single veneer. It’s, therefore, essential to talk to your dentist about the payment modes and whether they can accept insurance terms.

Dental veneers are an outstanding choice and have proven to have positive results for many patients. They boost your appearance, are durable, and can serve your needs for years.