HCG Diet Review

Are you or a loved one obese and desperate for quick, effective weight loss? Obesity is crippling in a way that those who are simply overweight often cannot understand. It is when your body goes from overweight to obese that conventional weight loss methods like diet and exercise simply don’t work. While we’ve been told most of our mature lives that slow and steady wins the race, the same doesn’t always go for weight loss. When you or someone you love faces severe health risks resulting from obesity, there isn’t time for gradual weight loss. If you struggle with this, HCG drops may be the answer you’ve been looking for. “HCG” stands for “human chorionic gonadotropin” a hormone found in pregnant women.

weight loss1If you find yourself turned off by the word “hormone” alone or the idea of adding a hormone to your body that is found in pregnant women, try to evaluate your negative attitude. Hormones are natural, and your body can handle them. It’s not the same as, say, adding a man-made chemical to your body that your system is designed to reject as a foreign substance. Also, the HCG diet only calls for small amounts of the hormone to be administered to your system. Most of us have heard about “hormonal imbalances” that cause health problems, such as bipolar disorder, but that is when an overwhelming influx of a hormone is present, not miniscule doses like in this diet. The hormone has undergone a series of trials showing that small, regulated amounts of it can indeed be highly beneficial to weight loss in at-risk people.

The system is easy to understand, but following it is admittedly complicated. The hormone part, however, is simple. The dieter takes daily HCG diet drops or injections. In addition to this, the dieter will establish a diet regiment in which he or she consumes 500 calories each day. Acceptable foods as part of this regiment are available online for reference and guidance, making this – the most difficult part of the process – easier to understand. As with any diet that regulates food, repetition will help the dieter get into a rhythm and barely make the dieter think about measuring out portions.

HCG diet reviews often criticize the system because the dieter cannot use certain beauty products while on the diet, such as lotion, chap stick, or lipstick. Such people make this assertion falsely, assuming that a dieter must go un-moisturized and un-made-up for the duration of their HCG diet. In actuality, a dieter can use these products, just not the kinds containing fat. In fact, the Internet provides lists of HCG-friendly lotions and other products, and those products are probably better for the body anyhow! Scientists have suggested for decades that organic products are far less harmful to the body than harsh chemical products.

HCG drops reviews can often be misleading or discouraging, so you need to learn how to read them properly for useful information. Many critics say the hormone is “dangerous,” “irresponsible,” or “hazardous.” Understand that these are simply buzz words in the health community to shame consumers away from products. If HCG were truly dangerous, it would not be approved by the FDA. These critics refer to using HCG for weight loss as “irresponsible” because they don’t see the connection between the hormone and weight loss. For that connection, just look at the thousands and thousands of people subscribing to the diet.

Thinking you’re ready to buy HCG? If so, be prepared to face challenges finding it listed under diet supplement prescriptions. Because of criticisms it faces, HCG drops and injections are often forced to remain under the cloak of “fertility supplements.” It’s critical that you understand why this occurs: it is because HCG hasn’t shown objective benefits in weight loss without an accompanying diet, so it can’t be technically listed as a weight loss supplement. Be sure not to let this deter you or discourage you from trying the HCG diet. The HCG hormone is effective in conjunction with a 500-calorie diet, so how could a scientific study even show that it works on its own? It can’t.

If you’re thinking this is a worthy investment of your money and lifestyle sacrifices, consult a physician in establishing the HCG diet plan for you. Naturally, restricting food intake to 500 calories a day makes getting nutrition difficult; however, when done wisely and with detailed planning, a dieter can make every bite of food count toward fueling the body for healthy growth while simultaneously starving off unhealthy, unwanted, and stubborn body fat. The diet is not something to be done casually or haphazardly. With great care and attention, it can be highly beneficial to the body in terms of alleviating it of burdensome extra pounds. When obesity has the deck stacked against you, it’s critical to be purposeful and committed in saving yourself from it.

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