Cumming Too Fast, What Can Be Done?

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint that actually works to rob the sexual pleasure one can get from intimacy. According to a report, women reach orgasm way later than men, and for this very reason, they enjoy sexual intercourse that could last for as much as 20 minutes and more! That’s true!

However, cumming too fast, is not only a problem that affects women, however, the concern is greatly distressing for men as well. Reason is obvious, premature ejaculation actually deprives both the partners from receiving utmost sexual pleasure and satisfaction they can receive from an erection that could last for long.

As per a study, almost 29% of guys are affected by this very condition, premature ejaculation! It is believed that the percentage would be even higher as many resist discussing their private problems to others. So, what can be the reason behind cumming too fast?

As noted above, men are more likely to reach orgasm earlier as compared to women. On an average, they reach their climax after 2-3 of intercourse, whereas women are likely to take 12-14 minutes! Similarly, there tends to be other contributors to this problem as well. For example:

  1. Nervousness.
  2. Fear of contracting STI, pregnancy or so.

Interestingly, a study suggests that aged men can better control their erections as compared to the younger ones. Considering this, one can say that something as experience also plays a part, when it comes to ejaculations.


Interestingly, there are many ways that can help you overcome the concern in a successful way. An effective approach is to exercise the PC muscle for it tends to be greatly involved with climax and ejaculation. It is an important sexual muscle that can help you with stronger and longer erections. Though, regular exercising will help you get the desired outcomes, not just in terms of quality erections, but with intense orgasmic pleasure as well.

So, what to know more about the Pubococcygeus muscle and its location?

Well, to know where exactly it is, stop your urine when you have passed half of it. In an attempt to break your flow, your PC muscle positioned right in between the testes and anus will contract. Now, you must have known where it is positioned well!


Yeah, so it’s time for the exercise now.

  1. Compress the pubococcygeus muscle for ten seconds, then relax it.
  2. Repeat the procedure for three times.
  3. Take a break for a second.
  4. Repeat the technique for ten times, holding your PC muscle for 5 seconds this time.
  5. Take a break for a second.
  6. Now, the difficult part. Try holding the pubococcygeus muscle for half a minute now, same goes for relaxing. Carry out the technique for three times.

As you can see, the exercise is very simple and it will hardly take some minutes to be performed. You can do it anywhere you feel comfortable and at whatever time that suits you. No contraption or tool is needed to carry out the exercise! However, as said earlier, you need to make sure that you remain consistent with the performance of this exercise, so that favorable results can be achieved.

In the next event of sexual intercourse, penetrate your penis inside her vagina and stop for a moment. Take few seconds to compress and relax your pubococcygeus muscle.

Plus, different, different positions can also be tried during lovemaking. Remember, women prefer men who can make the lovemaking more exciting and fun, even more than the ones with larger penises! That’s true! Always ask her about the position she prefers and enjoy more. This will help you both make the most out of your lovemaking!

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