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Secret Of Porn Star’s Huge Load Revealed

Have you ever wonder what makes these porn stars ejaculate so heavily? Of course, their volume of ejaculation is far more than that of a normal man. Not just this, their erections are also long enough to witness their partner orgasm several times. So, what is the secret behind this? Is there something they use […]

All About Penis Enlargement

Time has gone when all you can do about a small penis was to accept it! Today, advancement in research has introduced us with several options that have enabled us to change the way it is! By this, I simply mean that one can now take measures to improve the size, as well as the […]

Cumming Too Fast, What Can Be Done?

Premature ejaculation is a common complaint that actually works to rob the sexual pleasure one can get from intimacy. According to a report, women reach orgasm way later than men, and for this very reason, they enjoy sexual intercourse that could last for as much as 20 minutes and more! That’s true! However, cumming too […]

Does Size Matter? Penis Size Factoids

The subject has been a topic of argument for years now. Where some says size does not matter, others say it does! It seems as is the question will never get a definite conclusion! Well, mentioned below are some factoids which will actually crush this never-ending topic into oblivion! 1: No, size is not as important […]

How Male Enhancement Pills Works?

The usage of male enhancement pills is pretty common these days. Unlike expensive and risky male enhancement surgeries and drugs, this option is particularly affordable, effective and of less risk in most of the cases. Male enhancement pills are basically referred to over-the-counter drugs that are intended to improve or cater problems related to your […]


WHAT CAN BE DONE FOR A MICRO PENIS? So, what is a micro penis? Well, a micro penis is characterized by a very tiny penis that lengths below 4cm. It is a disorder that affects 0.6% of the overall male populace. Even though, being harmless, the condition tends to be very distressing for the ones […]

Penis Enlargement Surgery: Do Better Options Exist?

Well, some studies say it does not! However many agree to the saying that it does! Whatever the truth is, the fact is that every one man out of three has a problem with the size of his penis! Yes, that’s pretty true. However, women also agree to the fact that size is something they […]

Can Low Testosterone Levels Lead To Depression In Men

Recently, a study revealed that men with low testosterone levels are more prone to depression. The study further presented statistical data, indicating that out of 4 men with low testosterone levels, 2 ended up being depressed in some stage in their lifespan. So, what is the science behind this study, how can low testosterone levels […]


The male enhancement industry is saturated with thousands of products all that come with promising results to improve your sexual health and life. However, how effective each of these is, can be fairly answered by the ones who have actually tried these. Unfortunately, many of these penis enlargement products prove to be a total waste […]