How to Use Essential Oils

So what exactly are essential oils?

Known as the life force of a plant, they are the concentrated botanical extracts that contain potent medicinal and therapeutic properties. There are a variety of ways to gain the benefits of using essential oils. You can target specific acupressure points, but for me personally, rubbing oil on the bottoms of the feet has proved to be the most effective for an immune-boosting effect. Your skin is the largest organ of the body and is an amazing way to administer oils. Feet can also tolerate the “hotter” oils more than other parts of the body.

essential oils

Before we go any further

It is important to understand that you must exercise caution and be responsible when using essential oils. They are very effective because of their potency, but along with that comes risk if they are not used properly. Make sure they are mixed with a carrier oil when applied topically.

I’ve found essential oils to be so beneficial that I wanted to be more involved with them: to work with them in some capacity outside of my personal use.

So, that’s when I started this website and a blog was born. In addition to teaching you essential oils to boost immunity, I want to help you weed through the many types of oils and their abundant healing properties.  There are many different species of the same type of essential oil. For instance, eucalyptus has many species. I prefer to use eucalyptus globus on myself because of its strength, but it’s a bit too strong for children under 10.  Eucalyptus smithii or eucalyptus radiata are a much better choice for little ones (eucalyptus should be entirely avoided around infants).

My goal here is to help make sense of some of this malarkey and safely guide you through the use of oils.  There are many oils, blends, and uses but I want to teach you how just having a few oils on hand can make a huge difference in your health.

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Educate Yourself

I also believe people need to educate themselves.  If you are informed, then you will make better health decisions. I’m a big advocate of folks doing their own research.  I will always try to answer any questions and would love feedback from others.  This is a learning forum: a place of constant sharing and teaching!

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