Immune System Reviews defines Immunity as “The ability of an organism to resist disease, either through the activities of specialized blood cells or antibodies produced by them in response to natural exposure” and Detox as “Treatment designed to rid the body of poisonous substances.” 

Immunity Detox is a method of ridding your body of harmful toxins that are poisonous to your system.  These toxins can be naturally occurring or from unknown environmental factors.  People with compromised Immune Systems are at a higher risk of having a toxic build-up in their cells.

Why is it so important to detox your immune system?

Your Immune System is a complex network that protects your body from foreign substances, destroy infected cells and removes cellular debris.  When it is not working properly, due to a buildup of toxins, the only way to remove them is to have your body go through a detoxification process.

Free radicals are formed when weak chemical bonds are broken and leave a free-electron behind.  These electrons try to find a match and cause a chemical reaction.  If these reactions become too much for the body to handle they can start to break down healthy cells and suppress your Immune System.  Antioxidants help attract these free radicals and stop the reactions.  Since some free radical reactions are necessary for the body, it is essential to keep them in check, and not eliminate them completely.

Immune Disorders

The Immune System can sometimes be out of whack, causing very high or very low activity, resulting in an Immune Disorder.  Over-activity of the Immune System is categorized as autoimmune diseases.  These diseases cause the body to attack and damage their own cells.  In contrast, under-activity of the Immune System decreases the body’s ability to fight infections and is known as an immune deficiency disease.

Immune Disorders can manifest as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Crohn’s disease, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Lupus, HIV/AIDS, and MS, just to name a few.  As you may know, these diseases are not easy to live with. They have a history of making people weak and sickly.  Immune Disorders don’t only attack physically; they attack mentally and emotionally as well.  Many times people with Immune Disorders can suffer from depression due to constant physical pain.

What can be done?  Detox.

There are many ways to detox your body.  Some are harder on your body than others.  Someone with an Immune Disorder needs to find the safest way to detox without compromising their Immune System further.

Fasting and juice detoxes can rob your body of the nutrients and fuel it needs to fight infections.  Chelation is a detox method that removes toxic heavy metals from the blood stream with the least amount of strain on the body while still allowing you to eat a proper diet.  The best chelating agents convert poisonous metals to a chemically inert form that has no further interaction with the body, rendering them unavailable for reabsorption.  There are different types of chelating agents, such as oral or intravenous.  Not all work the same and not all are safe.

Dangerous Chelation Methods

Certain types of natural clays can act as oral chelating agents.  The bonds that form between the clays and the toxins are weak and can break down easily in the body.  These broken bonds allow the possibility of the toxins being reabsorbed into the body at a faster, harmful rate.

Artificial chelation agents such as EDTA (Ethylene Diatminetetra Acetic Acid) are intravenous chelating agents.  They are not nutritionally viable, and during the expulsion process, the EDTA can randomly strip other (essential) minerals from the body.  If the EDTA doesn’t contain calcium, it can lead to hypocalcemia, which can ultimately lead to death.

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Safe Detoxing Method

Zeolite is another natural oral chelating agent, but unlike clay, the bonds that form with the toxins are strong and unbreakable.  Zeolite’s negatively charged honeycomb structure is optimal for attracting and trapping positively charged toxins.  Since it doesn’t breakdown during the digestion process, zeolite removes the trapped toxins when the body expels waste.  It is also a powerful antioxidant that can be used to balance your Immune System by attracting free radicals.  Zeolite isn’t a magic cure and detoxing with it isn’t a quick fix.  It takes at least 90 days to obtain maximum results.

Since many people with Immune Disorders are on medication to alleviate their symptoms, there is much concern with introducing any dietary supplement.  Zeolite as a natural mineral has little to no interaction with medications.  The only concern is when taking heavy-metal based medications.  Zeolite may make these types of medication less effective by trapping it and rendering it unavailable for reabsorption.

Benefits of Detoxifying with Zeolite

Zeolite products that are made with finely micronized pure (clinoptilolite) zeolite powder will circulate in the blood stream to aid in removing toxins from cells.  After the toxins are removed, the Immune System will be able to function properly and absorb nutrients more efficiently.  There was a study done that shows zeolite suppresses the growth of cancer cells by activating the P21 gene, while increasing the t-cell receptors.  (T-cells help clean out any damaged or already dead cells).

There is a zeolite product on the market, called Zeolite-AV, which uses the finely micronized zeolite along with humic acid.  The zeolite will encapsulate the virus hindering its absorption into the cell and the humic acid works to stop the virus from replicating.  This is especially beneficial for people with Immune Disorders where their Immune System isn’t strong enough to fight viruses on its own.

The Gut and Your Immune System

The Gut is a single digestive unit that includes the esophagus, stomach and digestive tract.  Bacteria in the Gut play a role in how well the body responds to stress.  Stress can potentially lead to depression, especially in people with an Immune Disorders.  95% of the body’s serotonin, the hormone responsible for your mood, is produced in the Gut.  When your Gut is full of toxins it cannot produce the proper amount of serotonin.

Zeolite products that use a larger, but still micronized, particle will stay in the digestive tract to remove toxins and excess water (to alleviate the symptoms of diarrhea), which will ultimately allow for proper serotonin production.  Esdifan is a product made specifically for digestive troubles with a larger zeolite particle.  It also has B-12 to aid in joint lubrication and boost energy levels as well as calcium to help harden the stool and neutralize acid in the stomach.  People suffering from IBD or other gastric inflammatory ailments will benefit from taking Esdifan.  The combination of ingredients in Esdifan will calm your bowels, increase your energy, and lift your mood.

About Zeolite

Zeolite products that use pure, micronized clinoptilolite zeolite are the safest way to rid your body of toxic buildup.  Clinoptilolite is the only form of zeolite that is safe to ingest over long periods of time.  Many manufacturers use raw, unrefined zeolite that contains impurities.  Check with product companies to see which type of zeolite they use before purchasing any products.  You can find a good product comparison here.

Zeolite-AV and Esdifan are made by ZEO Health, Ltd.  They are miles ahead of other companies when it comes to the purity and quality of zeolite used in their products.  All of the studies that prove the effectiveness of zeolite have been done with their Zeolite Pure product.  They were the first company to introduce zeolite as a dietary supplement back in the 1990’s and continue to grow based on their high quality products and continued customer care.

Although zeolite is a natural mineral and proven safe, due to bio-diversity, not every person experiences the same effects when using zeolite.  Always check with your health care provider before starting any detox to make sure it is safe for you.

Overall Health

Whether your Immune System is functioning normally or is compromised due to an Immune Disorder, Immunity Detox is beneficial for healthy living.  Toxins can work their way into your system undetected and cause damage before you even realize.  Making sure your cells can properly absorb nutrients and can regulate the free radical reactions can be established with taking zeolite.

Balancing your Immune System and gaining control over your Immune Disorder will not only make your body feel better and stronger, but it will improve your emotional health too.  One of the best feelings in the world for chronic sufferers is when your mind and body are in sync. Give zeolite a try.  It may just be the help you need to feel your best.

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